How You Can Increase Your Profits With SEO

These folks are glad they hired me…

Jason Capshaw SEO Expert“Hiring Jason to manage my SEO marketing is one of the best business decisions I ever made. A steady flow of leads is nice in a down economy” – Chuck Eckstedt, Better Letter

My phone is ringing off the hook. Jason knows what he is doing, that’s why I have been with him over five years. I highly recommend this guy” – Brian Curry, PSI

“Our site didn’t rank for anything. When Jason took over our SEO we saw a nice increase in sales and foot traffic in our retail store. Sales are easier to close because we now sell face to face thanks to our local rankings. This is a great investment” – Regina Ostrom, Flooring Solutions

We have been in the repair business for 18 years. Jason helped me launch our Ecommerce store with SEO. We did seven figures in online sales last year with Ebay and our store. Jason Capshaw was able to get our products in front of potential customers – Scott Lipscomb, American Airless”

If you are building a business and you have discovered:

  • Your competitors are outranking you in the search engines
  • Your Website does not generate enough sales
  • Your current rankings are slipping due to random Google updates…

…you’re in luck.

With the right SEO strategy, your business can thrive Online. It doesn’t matter your size or business model because there are major opportunities to drive sales with SEO.

Most business owners and marketing managers get caught up in the “ranking” trap and miss the best traffic (Subscribe to get: “The Biggest SEO Mistakes Businesses Make”).

There are four steps necessary for successful SEO.

#1 Work with a proven SEO expert

In the recent Google Penguin update, many sites lost their rankings and income due to Google penalties. They hired SEOs who were inexperienced or careless. They conducted spammy link building campaigns and it could take them years to recover. (If you recently lost your rankings because of Google Penguin or Google Panda I can help you recover.)

Fortune 500 companies trust me to craft their SEO campaigns because I get results and reduce risks. You can have great results too.

#2 Devise an SEO strategy

Simply throwing a few keywords into a title tag and getting random links will not get positive results. Your SEO strategy should increase profits by capitalizing on your competitor’s weaknesses.

A successful SEO strategy includes:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research and objectives
  • Content marketing objectives
  • Site structure and site map

There isn’t one size fits all SEO. Your SEO strategy should consider business objectives, site objectives, and business strengths.

Industry leading advertising agencies hire me to devise SEO strategies for their million dollar clients. They know that their clients won’t be successful unless their SEO strategy rivals the most popular companies in the world.

#3 Execute SEO well

Without the best execution, your SEO strategy will fail. SEO needs tedious attention to detail and converging many activities to be successful.

Site structure

The site structure is the foundation of SEO. This includes:

  • Introducing keywords into site content
  • Page layout and internal linking
  • Improved navigations
  • Add properly optimized HTML/XML sitemaps
  • Unlocking the power of the home page to spread authority throughout the site

Content development for link building

Develop citation worthy and authoritative content for your specific niche. The purpose authoritative content is to attract inbound links from other Websites. The more authoritative inbound links you have, the better your site will perform.

This is a painstaking process that needs market research and planning. Without strong content, the SEO campaign will fail.

Content promotion for link building

The most difficult phase of SEO is promotion. After writing  your best content, strong promotion ensures its success. The best tactics rely on building relationships with thought leaders in your niche. These outreaches include:

  • Guest blogging
  • Manual emails
  • Social media pushes
  • Phone calls
  • Blog and forum commenting

These tactics are not to build direct links links, but to build brand awareness. Having an active audience when content goes live will result in inbound links.

#4 Analytics analysis

If you are watching your site’s traffic with an analytics package, you probably have low hanging fruit. Low hanging fruit are keywords that can easily rank easily search results.

One local business hired me to SEO his ecommerce store. He had another SEO company that had done well, but hit a wall. They had not seen any increased traffic for about six months.

I spent a week analyzing the keywords sending traffic to his site. I found around 3,000 keywords on the second and third pages of Google. The first month I pushed many of them onto the first page.

The business owner’s sales tripled within two months. His sales continued to grow month to month as these keywords made their way onto the first page.

It is important check your progress. Your focus should be on traffic and profits. I conduct monthly analysis of my client’s analytics for new opportunities. Opportunities most of their competitors miss.

Get a proven SEO expert on your team

So, top search rankings are not out of your reach.

I can help you achieve your Online marketing goals. If you are ready to improve your organic search rankings:

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